Answering the call to democratize neuro‑literacy for non‑profit organizations worldwide is a not-for-profit organization established to provide free neuro-literacy tools and training to people who cannot access the NEXT System™ online or who cannot afford to pay for our commercial offerings


Ensuring access

We created our neuro-literacy training and ongoing use programs so they can be delivered with a pen and paper or with the spoken word, where necessary.

Empowering adoption

At NEXT, we believe that the best way to learn how to empower neuro-literacy adoption in economically challenged families and communities is through established service providers that have deep domain knowledge and a track record of success.


As the NEXT System and platform continue to mature, will partner with select organizations that work in communities around the world where the need for free services is the greatest. Ultimately, resources will be open to all qualified not-for-profit organizations.