Enabling technology we developed to train virtually anyone to self‑direct their brain’s neuroplasticity

Our Solution

Our solution to this complex problem is enabling technology we developed to train virtually anyone to self-direct their brain’s neuroplasticity. With it, a person can develop the ability to ”rewire” aspects of their brain’s automatic responses, overcome internal self-barriers, enhance their pro-social and health behaviors, and improve their ability to direct their behavior towards the achievement of personally meaningful goals, ultimately enabling them to realize their full potential.

We call this ability “neuro-literacy”

Our training programs are evidence-based non-clinical performance solutions. They employ a combination of well-established but never-before-combined behavior change techniques; models for experiential and transformative learning, self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-management; and our own proprietary techniques. They are also intuitive and language/culture agnostic, and can be used proactively and/or remedially. No special apparatus is required. They can be taught with a pen and paper or technology-enabled using mobile personal-computing technology.

These programs provide a standard protocol for the integration of behavior change techniques into a unified system to address the whole person across their lifespan, such as evidence-based psychological techniques, software, Web-based programs, consumer electronics, and self-help books. Even basic personal techniques can be integrated (e.g., lists, calendar reminders).

To rapidly facilitate democratization of neuro-literacy, we are creating the NEXT System™, a cloud-based technology platform that makes neuro-literacy-based products and services widely available and applicable. It is designed and documented so that it will be embraced by social institutions and the global scientific and practitioner communities that inform them, and democratized like literacy.

The NEXT System™ provides both a transformative personal-performance-improvement and lifelong-learning system for end users and an open innovation-and-publishing platform for the growing community of thought leaders, innovators, engineers, scientists, practitioners, and content owners working to create evidence-based techniques that are more effective, available, and widely used.