Our Giving Pledge

We created NEXT to empower people from all walks of life to remove barriers that prevent them and their loved ones, co-workers, and community members from discovering and achieving their true potential

Founders Pledge

We believe in profit as a necessary driver for our mission. Millions of people and thousands of for-profit and non-profit organizations make their living helping others and striving to solve large-scale societal problems. To empower them to embrace our innovation and become a transformative force that empowers many others around the world, we know that they need to make money while making a difference.

For this reason, we created NEXT as a for-profit social impact enterprise and we created our Founders Pledge: to give away 100% of our gains from NEXT in support of our mission and other philanthropic causes during our lifetime.

Our wish is that everyone in our growing ecosystem reinvest what they can to speed the democratization of neuro-literacy for the benefit of all people.

All aboard!

Nathalie and David